30RB 040R - 160R

30RB 040R - 160R
Cooling capacity 40-160 kW



- Low environmental impact
- High full and part load efciency
- Compact and simple to install
- Low refrigerant charge
- Superior reliability

Aquasnap heat pumps and liquid chillers are the best solution for commercial and industrialapplicationswhere installers,engineeringanddesigndepartmentsand building owners require reduced installation costs,optimal performances and maximumquality.
- AquaSnap (30RB)isacompactall-in-one package optimised for applications which require reduced investment and installation costs (low CapEx).
- The large options panel allows for configurations that suit user requirements.
- Optional variable-speed fans and pumps with Carrier Greenspeed intelligence control logic make this a product which is optimised for part load applications where a high SEER, SEPR or IPLV value is required.

In this configuration, AquaSnap provides premium part load efficiency to reduce maintenance costs overthe lifespanof the chiller.
Inaddition,the sound levels achieved under the part load conditions are particularly low.
Besides operating efficiently and quietly, the AquaSnap range with Greenspeed intelligence operates from -20 °C up to +46 °C as standard.

Scheda tecnica 30RB 040R - 160R 

Carrier 30RB 040R - 160R